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FrSky Receiver Delta 8

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Frsky Delta 8ch ACCST / A-FHSS / S-FHSS / FHSS 2.4ghz Reciever

The FrSky Delta receiver is a multi-brand 2.4GHz receiver that is compatible with FrSky D8/V8, Futaba S-FHSS/FHSS and Hitec A-FHSS. If that was not enough, it also features CPPM and RSSI outputs.

For full instructions see our Forums

The Delta - 8 channel multi-protocol full-range receiver!

Possibly the first multi-brand 2.4GHz receiver and also the first Futaba S-FHSS & FHSS compatible receiver. It allows you to buy a receiver that isn't locked into only a single brand.

This unit works with the following systems:

FrSky D8

FrSky V8

Futaba S-FHSS

Futaba FHSS

Hitec 2.4GHz A-FHSS

Plus you can put the receiver into PPM and RSSI output mode for Flybarless Heli, multi-copter and FPV'ers users. All this in a 9g box.

When binding it'll search and find which system is active and then bind to that transmitter - all automatically. Alternatively you can use a set of jumpers to force the receiver to only look out for a particular brands.

* Compatible with ACCST, AFHSS, S-FHSS and FHSS aircraft radio systems

* Light weight, compact design

* 1 x CPPM output for CH1~8 (enabled when channels 3 and 4 pins are connected by a jumper)

* 1 x RSSI output (Received Signal Strength Indicator)

* Easy to bind and has instant link-up between transmitter and receiver.

* Error-free link, by using 48bits CRC algorithm.

* Excellent reboot times.

* All channels offer failsafe.

* Quick response.

* Very smooth servo movement.

* Built-in battery voltage sensor.

* Failsafe on all channels

* Low power consumption.

* True two-antenna diversity.

* Full range (typically 1.5-2.5km)

* Firmware upgradable.

* Wider and higher operating temperature range, suitable for all kinds of models

* Type: Delta-8

* Pin configuration: end

* Number of channels: 8


* Band: 2.4GHz

* Antenna length: 142mm x 2

* Input voltage: 3.5V-16V

* Operating Current: 30mA

* Operating temp range: -10C to 60C

* Dimensions: 49 x 24.5 x 15mm

* Weight: 9.3g

Full instruction are supplied with the Delta-8. For further information - see our Forums

This unit is not designed, manufactured or supported by Hitec or Futaba, nor is it a copy of a Hitec or Futaba receiver.



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