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skyzone v03

Skyzone V03 3D FPV Goggles (White)

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This is the latest V3 Version of Skyzone 3D FPV goggles. (ONLY WHITE AVAILABLE ATM.)

Skyzone has matched their beautiful FPV view with reliability and adjustability, from the built-in 32 channel dual diversity 5.8GHz receiver to the IPD and Diopter adjustments. The Skyzone 3D Goggles have full A/V ins and outs and now a built in DVR with playback. These Skyzone goggles are definitely the best FPV goggles. 

Skyzone 3D Goggles have a front mounted camera, with a quick push of a button your view switches allowing you to perform all kinds of tasks without the need to lift the goggles. The High resolution widescreen matched with a 30 degree field of view puts you in the cockpit, the new included 3D camera and match special 600mW VTX works with the dual receivers built in giving you a true seamless 3D FPV experience. 

Skyzone 3D Goggles require both 3D camera SKY301 and dual transmitter SKY201 to realize the 3D effect. The two lens 3D camera that uses the parallel shooting method will strengthen 3D vision for close-range shooting and weaken long-distance shooting. 

Skyzone 3D Goggles can also work in normal diversity mode which is in 2D vision, and they are well compatible with SKY201 and most of other transmitters in the markets. (Bands Selection and Resulting Frequencies see details in Parameters)




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20150106153010 2560


  • FOV of 43 degrees
  • 800×600 screens with non spherical distortion
  • IPD ajustement 63.5mm +/- 6mm
  • 48 CH diversity builtin receivers
  • HDMIin up to 1080p sources
  • Frontal camera
  • Defogging system
  • DVR with H264 recordings



  • 3D goggles, all in one kit
  • 2D diversity mode
  • DVR built in with playback
  • Built-in 40CH 5.8G Diversity receiver compatible with most FPV 5.8G TX in the market ( Fatshark, DJI, Walkra, Boscam etc)
  • AV in/ AV out/ Earphone socket (with volume control)
  • Adjustable Interpupillary and Diopter for your eyes
  • Adjustable brightness and contrast



  • 1 x SKY03 FPV GOGGLE
  • 1 x Futaba data cable
  • 1 x JR data cable 2 x 5.8G 2dBi antenna 
  • 1 x AV cable
  • 1 x Power cable
  • 1 x Carry case


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