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*Using a Voucher on your order without adding the voucher to your account

When you are on the shopping cart page there is a coupon code text box, you can add your voucher code into the coupon box and click save.

If your amount still shows the same with no discount just REFRESH the page and your new amount will show.

(also take note you can use your voucher multiple times until the full amount has been used, just make a note of how much you have left of your voucher after using it)


*Adding a Voucher to your account:

Step 1:

voucher step 1

Step 2:

voucher step 2


Step 3:

voucher step 3


Step 4:

voucher step 4


Step 5:

voucher step 5


Step 6:

voucher step 6


Step 7:


voucher step 7


Step 8:


voucher step 8

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